So your auto is broken and it looks like you need a professional help? No problem: AutohelpRussia in Kursk provides high-quality car repair services for over 10 years. We offer you a warranty on our labor and parts we use. Also guaranteed fair pricing that will make your decision to stay with us.

Services we provide to our clients

Our team have a passion for this job, that’s why we can handle any service you need:

  • Brake systems;
  • Computer review and motor service;
  • Transmission service;
  • Sunroof, windows repairs
  • Heating & Air Conditioning repair;
  • Oil and filter changes;
  • Locking-out Mul-T-Lock, HOOD-Lock, ГАРАНТ, Defen Time, Dragon systems;
  • Electrical repairs etc.

When you forgot your keys from the car, how could you handle that? An emergency call to Autohelp46 will save your time. Don’t worry if a wheel is broken or gasoil is out. We provide a delivery-service help that will take a few time.

Why AutohelpRussia?

Our motto is: high-customer satisfaction rating. That means we are quick in responding to requests and able to handle any kind of auto service. Using the most current diagnostic equipment helps us uncover the problem quickly. When it comes to choosing an auto mechanic, call us.

Our team of professional technicians is always up to date on the latest automotive news. Autohelp46 will work on your car: we appreciate our hands-on experience working with both foreign and domestic vehicles, including euro cars: Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Mini Coopers, Lexus, Volvo, Audi™ etc.

Certified workers will get back you on the road as soon as possible. The price range on our services may vary due to vehicle condition, parts selection, and other factors. It is based on the chosen service centers in your area. But we do our best to reduce it for our clients.  You need some more information? Please contact us via email or call us 24 hours. 

Круглосуточная техподдержка: +7 (961)168-99-88 maps pin